Our standard services include :

  • Change 20% water per month
  • Clean viewing panels
  • Test water parameters
  • Change filter media
  • Maintain aquarium equipment for optimal performance
  • Acclimate fish and corals purchased from us
  • Provide top-off water for evaporation loss
  • Recommend suitable fish and/or coral

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Additional services include:

  • Deep cleanings - Is your aquarium going through an algae bloom and more than a normal cleaning is necessary? A large waterchange may be part of the answer...
  • Evaluation of equipment - Ensures that your system is using the proper size and quality equipment for optimal performance
  • Aquascaping - Fish and corals require space just like you and me. Proper aquascaping will provide fish and corals with the environment they can thrive in
  • Aquarium moves - Whether across the room or across the state, leave the heavy lifting to us - easy on the fish and your back!!
  • Complete system overhaul - Free estimates provided to optimize the day to day operation of your aquarium
  • 24 Hour emergency visits - because sometimes tomorrow morning is going to be too late!!
  • Fish-sitting - If you’re going out of town, and don’t want to come back to a nightmare, we will care for your aquatic pets while you are away. We can also feed your cat or dog at the same time.


We stock a wide variety of aquarium necessities. We can provide recommendations based on your system’s needs. We won’t recommend something to you that we wouldn’t use in our own aquariums. Your fish and corals’ health is our first priority!!

Some of the products we keep in stock :

  • Pellet and flake food
  • Frozen foods - Mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, plankton, krill, gel-based formulas, coral food, silversides, half-shelled clams
  • Bulk algae sheets
  • Replacement light bulbs
  • Water additives - Two part additives, calcium, pH buffer, iodine, strontium, and many more
  • Powerheads
  • Medications - gram-positive/gram-negative antibiotics, copper additives, reef-safe ich treatments, fungal treatments, medicated dip solutions
  • Activated carbon
  • Filter-bags
  • Filter media
  • R.O./D.I. Freshwater or Saltwater
We stock many other products, and can also order specialty items for you.